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Isabel Oyarzun de Sol was born last Dec 23, 1967 in Santiago, Chile. She attended 12 years in Colegio Santa Ursula of same city she was born. In 1988 Isabel graduated from Fashion Designer and High Couture Career. was opened in 1989.


After receiving the title of Fashion Designer, decided to visit California, United States, she came in January, 1989 where started as a Freelance in the Fashion Industry as a Graphic Designer, Exclusive High Couture, opening her own business “IsART Line” in 1989.

She met her husband Carlos Sol in 1992 in Beverly Hills, who’s originally from Argentina and they got married in 1993. They’re the parents of two wonderful teenagers.

Isabel happens to be her husband’s business partner as well with their company called Connections Unlimited International, Inc. ( as part of the administrative, creative innovations to grow the image of their company.

Her passion has been and always will be being creative as a Fashion Designer, and an Exclusive Artist by heart. She was born with her artistic talents and she has always been passionate about it. With very special techniques as ambidextrous, can paint either way of the canvas without even changing the locations of the painting.

She is the daughter of Sergio F. Oyarzun (R.I.P.) a Commercial Engineer and National & International CPA, and her mother Sonia Uribe S., who has retired as teacher of History, Geography, Civic Education for High School grades for more than 30 years now. They both graduated from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.

Admiring Leonardo Da Vinci on how he did perform his art, the source of the colors, and all the creative pieces he did, she wanted to learn how he did it, and so she motivated herself to start painting at an early age of 12 years old, studying his techniques.

When she studied Fashion Design at INCACEA in Santiago, Chile, there was a class which was focused on black charcoal to draw lines in a page until was all black of it, also alive models and fashion drawing, she did everything in black and white as these two gives us the best way to draw any texture and you would able to tell which texture and color of the fabric was, even though it was only in black and white pencil or similar in white or black paper, you could imagine the color and type of fabric. That has been a very interesting experience for her as an artist. So, among her fashion business career, she specialized to learn how to draw human body, colors and textures.

She considers herself a person who likes to learn almost any subject, very interested to understand how everything works, from everyday’s events, to painting, life style, how people succeed in life, how can we help our communities,how to develop someone’s talents, how unique is every person . She would ask many questions until she has a clear idea on how things should work, and make sure it is well done in a very professional way.

In her daily routine, she don't like to say she has struggle moments, she’d prefer to call it challenging, because there will always be a reason why certain situations happens. She believes that things happen to each of us for one good reason, and eventually you’ll learn from it and take it as a good experience for your own benefit. She always put in mind that any experience will give you the opportunity to learn in different ways on how to live better your life, and you can choose which path to take.

She also won a trip to Disney World in Florida from Chile in a TV show called Ya somos amigos with Patricia Undurraga of Chanel 13 TV, of Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. She likes this being mention because Patrica was her mentor for all those months in between waiting many months for the trip. She won the trip in January of 1979, with only 12 years of age,  they traveled in a group of 12 people, in July of 1979. Patricia was the person Isabel admired in many ways, and her life changed dramatically after that trip to the US. That trip was also in the nation news as it was the last one Patricia made after many years that she has been traditionally doing it.

This episode of her life is very meaningful for the rest of her life, because it was when she decided she was going to live in the United States of America, instead of Chile. She came back to Chile, waited until finished all her career and flew to California, U.S.A. to visit her family. A month after her arrival as visitor, she was offered to be in artistic projects as a Freelance. That was the beginning of her international artistic career.

Isabel’s experience in the United States since 1989, has been a prestigious exclusive artistic career shared with famous and exclusive people in the arena. A very unique path in her life.



Isabel Oyarzun de Sol


Exclusive Artist and Fashion Designer


26500 W. Agoura Road, Suite 239 Calabasas, California (CA), 91302

Mobile: 818-256-4216

Fax: 818-351-8274




Linkedin: (Isabel Sol)

Facebook: (Isabel Oyarzun de Sol)

Twitter: Isabel Oyarzun d Sol

Skype: isabeloyarzundesol

Instagram: Isabel Oyarzun de Sol


I have been introduced to the world of Art and OIL PAINTING at an early age of 12. Since then, I have developed artistic learning techniques specializing with oil painting on canvas, landscaping, human body, fashion design, etc. I’ve known how to control colors, textures, and volumes, with more than 100 techniques such as different materials and forms.


I am proficient with both Spanish and English language. As an artist, I would consider myself very professional, exclusive and flexible with the whatever environment I am in and will be working on.


Below outlines the skills I have acquired along with my experience:

  • Painting

  • Fine Art

  • Graphic Designing

  • Oil Painting

  • Logo Designing

  • Drawing

  • Canvas

  • Illustration

I do not limit myself to continue learning while working. That being said, I am also knowledgeable with some other aspects of artistry and design. Below are those that I am also equipped of as well:

  • Textiles

  • Watercolor

  • Photography

  • Oil Paint

  • Modern  Art

  • Collage

  • Fashion

  • Public Art

  • Color Management




Exclusive Artist and Fashion Designer


December 1989 – Present


Exclusive handmade women's Accessories as Owner

IsArt Line

Beverly Hills, CA

January 1990 – October 1994

  • Exclusive hair and women's line of accessories with fine fabrics , hand painted. Individuals and more than 30 stores in Beverly Hills, CA.


One of a kind hand made paintings in garments for Famous Artists on Stage

Century City, California

April 1990 - October 1993

  • Hand-Painted sets of clothing for famous artists on stages and fashion shows.


Lingerie designer at Desiree

Los Angeles, California

January 1990 - October 1993

  • Lingerie designer working with exclusive designer of the ex famous line Frederick’s of Hollywood


Created Handmade Logo - Graphic Designer

Greater Los Angeles Area

March 1980 - July 1980

  • Work does was published in Los Angeles Times for Grand Opening


Connections Unlimited - Co-owner

Calabasas, California

January 1993 – Present


  • Been helping our company to develop an attractive and international digital look.

  • Since the time we established our company, I have always been hands on to everything, from designing the logo and stationery, administrating logistics, managing finances,  and all of those computer program applications to facilitate our business development in all international arena to reach out our international clientele and U.S. Manufacturers.

  • I am always over viewing each step of the way to improve the relationship, communication, needs, and logistics in today's market.

  • We are proud winners of Service to World Traders Award.

  • This award honors service companies—such as banks, freight forwarders, brokers or insurance companies—for sustained, exceptional service and commitment to world traders in the five-county Combined Statistical Area (Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties.



Incacea Fashion Institute

Instituto Profesional de Ciencias y Artes Inca-cea, Santiago, Chile

Exclusive Fashion Designer, Art & Fashion Designer

1985 – 1989


Colegio Santa Ursula

Santiago, Chile



Statement:” Mission Statement


“How ART can influence your life”.

“To encourage parents to nurture the artistic talent of their children at a young age so we can rely on the next generation of artist in the coming years as a positive way to communicate between generations”.

“I believe that being an artist myself, I can definitely influence individuals with passion and teach how ART can change your life, and make you admire the talent of artists in this world”.



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